Food For Thought

Virtually every city has takeaways offering chicken, pizza, burgers and kebabs for anything from a couple of pounds to less than a fiver. In fact if you walk into a supermarket you can find a sandwich for less than 85p in some cases, but is all this food good for us?

There are four things which concern me about the availability of cheap food.

Firstly and perhaps the most obvious, is the weight aspect. With the proportion of the worlds population becoming obese and morbidly obese one can only think that this is down to the availability of food, which is cheap and convenient. Back in the days before corner shops being on every corner, people traditionally had three meals a day, with very little snacking in between. If you were peckish you had to wait until the next meal. This is no more, any type of food is readily available, therefore before thinking as to whether one actually needs to eat half a days worth of calories content as a snack, that burger and chips has already been consumed.

Secondly is the family aspect. When three meals a day were consumed, at least one of those meals, traditionally the evening meal, was eaten as a family. This is no more, instead you see TV programmes depicting families sitting round the TV eating their meals on purpose built TV meal tables. I mean if there is the demand for TV meal tables surely we have gone down hill as a society?

Thirdly is the amount of litter on the streets. Members of the public who eat their takeaway no longer look for a bin, and instead just drop the food or empty packaging on the floor. Apart from the fact that this encourages rats and other vermin to roam the streets but it makes us look like animals. Does it really involve that much more effort to hold on to the rubbish for a few minutes to reach a bin, the answer is no.

Finally respect. It perhaps seems a bit odd saying that we should have respect for our food, but I believe we should. If you are a meat eater, then having respect for the animal that gave its life for you. If you are a vegetarian, that means having respect for the person who put in the effort to grow what you are eating. Whether it be an animal, or vegetable we should respect what we are eating by not cooking more that we need to, and by not throwing out food that is perfectly good to eat at a later date.

Those who are reading this post are probably fortunate enough to not know someone who is truly starving. So out of respect for those who are in that position, lets not abuse the fact that we have more food than we know what to do with by only eating what we need to, cooking what we need to and clean up after ourselves.

Reading these facts is truly sad.

Reading these facts is truly sad.