Its Not Just A New Chapter, Its A New Book, The Job Hunt Is Over! 2

It was a long journey, spanning from March until August and consisting of many events, but finally I have reached my destination. To say that the trip was hard would be the understatement of the year as there were not only several different routes available, but roadblocks galore! However as this colossal trip is now over, it is clear that it marks not just the beginning of a new chapter, but a whole new book as well.

This is so true...

This is so true…

I am of course talking about only one thing, and the astute amongst you may have already guessed what it is I’m talking about, yes, its true, I have been offered a job, but not just any job, the best job I could want!

Those who read my site will know that I have blogged on this topic more than once. Posts include ‘More Than A Jobs Worth‘, ‘The Importance Of Being True To You‘ and ‘What Is The Meaning Of Life?‘, (and this will most likely not be the last post on the topic) will know that its a tough market out there, not only getting a job offer, but finding a company which you are happy to work for and dedicate, what is most likely going to be the rest of your life to.

Interviewing is a two-way street, it not only allows the company to find out more about you, but for you to find out more about the company, and the reports in the media that there are up to 160 graduates are chasing each job out there is probably true. I am not ashamed to admit it, but before I was offered a job which I wanted to accept I went to 22 interviews. Yes you read that right, 22 interviews, and the temptation to give up increased each time with an unsuccessful interview but it was just that, a temptation and not one which I wanted to turn into a reality.

The job itself is with a relatively new firm, and one with a difference, it accepted you for who you are. Process of the interview was also different, the first round was just a friendly chat between myself and my then hopefully new line manager which lasted about an hour, followed up a week later by a group interview that consisted of group tasks and an individual presentation.

My presentation was on the topic ‘Im Only Human You Know’, and the slides of which are below. Although the commentary isn’t along side it, you can get the general gist of what point I was trying to make. By doing my presentation on this topic, I not only said what I believe to be true, but also makes it even more of a match that the company hired me for who I am!

As this was the job which I wanted, more than any other which I interviewed for, the wait for ‘feedback’ was perhaps seemed like the longest wait I had ever endured, even though in reality it was no longer than the others. The evening of the interview I had planned what I was going to do if I got the job, however after midday of the following day passed, shortly followed by 2pm and then 3pm the thoughts of me only getting ‘feedback’ and not an offer was becoming a real possibility.

Thankfully at around 3:15 I got the call I wanted, and although the exact conversation was probably something I wont remember was quite a blur, I do remember one thing, and that was I was placed on speakerphone as those who interviewed me knew how I would react with the news, and I don’t think I disappointed!

This of course meant I could put my plan into action (thank g-d, as if I didn’t, it would have made Wednesday afternoon/evening, very depressing indeed!). Believe it or not, it was actually cheaper to hire a car for 24 hours than it was to buy a return train ticket on the day of travel. So after ringing the florist in Leeds to place an order, I jumped in a taxi to hire a car to drive back to Leeds.

My arrival was going to be unannounced. I parked a short walk a way (having picked up the flowers), and surprised everyone. After filling in everyone with the news as to why I was home with why I was home, with a hire car, and flowers, we could only do one thing, and that was go out to eat!

We went to Bibis in Leeds and the food was AMAZING, with the dessert being simply genius – naturally there was a sparkler placed in it, and photographs of it were taken. Both of which are at the bottom of this post.

So the future is bright, and if there is some advice I can give to those who are still out there in the job market it is this. What ever you do, do not give up, those who give up are only giving up the job which they want, and can, given time, get.