We’re The Millers 2

Its been a long time, in fact a very long time since I have laughed out loud so much that it hurt. Its been an even longer time since I went to the cinema, and heard the entire cinema audience laughing out loud along with me, but that is what happened last night when I went to see the new comedy We’re The Millers.

Storyline wise its a bit basic. Big town drug dealer owes drug-lord money, so in order to pay debt agrees to transport the drugs across the Mexico/American border. Where the difference lies is in the plan to get across the border undetected.

Ive not laughed out loud when watching a film for such a long time. Well worth a watch!

I’ve not laughed out loud when watching a film for such a long time. Well worth a watch!

Having viewed the lackadaisical attitude given to families by law enforcement, David Clark (the drug dealer, played by Jason Sudeikis) decides to enlist the help of a neighbourhood stripper, Rose (played by Jennifer Aniston), homeless person, Casey (played by Emma Roberts), and confused boy who lives in the same flat, Kenny (played by Kenny Rossmore) to be his family for the purpose of making things easier as they pass through border control.

Despite the fantastic plan, things go wrong when they meet and get attached to another family on vacation, and they are forced to play out being a ‘typical’ happy family, with baby child, helping their son through girl issues, and even ward the advances away from some swingers!

The film itself lasted 110 minutes, but despite its 1 hour 50 min length it flew by. It had everything you could possibly want, romance, action, comedy and even a happy ending.

Humour is a very personal thing, and as I watch a lot of comedy, both on TV and in the cinema, I perhaps have a higher standard of what makes me laugh than the average person, but this film still hit the spot.

It is rated 15, and I think this is perhaps a little bit overzealous. Its true there are some adult scenes, and a few strong references but nothing more than the average 12-year-old has heard. Having said that, if the film were given a 12A, it’s the kind of film that you could enjoy with your friends, or other half, not with your children as it may live to some uncomfortable moments with some of the things that happen.

So far this year I have seen two excellent films which I cant wait to be released on DVD, this one, and Now You See Me both are great for different reasons. Now You See Me was a film that made you think, and reminded you of your youth. This film on the other hand had a feel good factor and made you laugh.

There is no reason on earth why you would not want to see this film, but when you do, don’t go and see it with your parents, trust me, you will see why.

For this film, I give it a strong 9/10, the only reason why I don’t give it a 10 is because the fact the cinema wanted to charge me £3.10 for a bottle of water (yes you heard me right!) kinda put me in a grumpy mood before.