No Holiday This Year, But The Posts Are Up From 2011/12

This year there has not been a holiday for Jonathan, well apart from the city break to London there hasn’t. This has been down to the fact that I had been job hunting for one (which was fruitful in that I did get the job I wanted, and start tomorrow!!!), and at the end of five years studying, even if I wanted to go on holiday, I would have had the funds to do so.

However in 2011, and in 2012 I did go on holidays, and wrote blogs on them, with entries virtually every day detailing what I did, and what I had eaten.

These posts were hosted on Tumblr, for the simple reason that my website (as it was back then) didn’t allow updating from an iOS device as it was built-in RapidWeaver. What RapidWeaver did allow however was to integrate Tumblr into a site, which fulfilled my needs.

As you will all know, earlier this year I changed the way I did my site to the WordPress platform, however never got round to moving over the posts over from Tumblr to my new site.

Today I did just that. The process was an easy one, and took a matter of moments to do the initial import thanks to the built-in Tumblr Importer WordPress supply. There were a few hiccups with images not appearing as they should do,  but it only took around 20 minutes to put things right.

All the posts for each holiday are tagged. So to read the posts from the holiday I took in 2011 with the family to Canada, NYC and Florida click here, and for the holiday I took in 2012 to NYC click here.

Photos wise (yes I know its embarrassing) but I’ve still not finished the photos from either holiday. There are of course some placed in the posts, but hopefully one day ill actually finish them, upload them to Flickr, and put them on here for the whole world to see!

This was one of my favourite images taken in 2012, although it didn’t involve a 2:45am start to get it!