Braun 7 Series Electric Shaver

Ever since a teenager, I have been shaving, and ever since a teenager I have been in despair as to how much time this task takes. Lets things about it, a 5 minute a day chore, 5 days a week is is 25 minutes a week, which equates to 1,300 minutes a year, and if the average man shaves for 35 years (a conservative estimate) thats over 45,500 minutes shaving in a life time. Yes, thats over 31 and a half days continually shaving!

Yes I know, women out there are going to say its nothing compared to the pain of childbirth, and that they to have to shave, but they (or at least in the majority of cases) don’t have to do it as frequently as men do.

Being a student I could have got away with designer stubble, but as a working man I have a professional image to uphold.

I have traditionally been a wet shaver, and when I spread the shaves out leaving a few days in between each one, it was the best way, it was close, and left very little irritation, if any. However trying to shave like that every day wasn’t good for my sensitive skin.

In a trial run I came out in blotches, sore patches, and I generally hated ruining a white shirt collar because of little nicks and cuts. There had to be a better way, and a better way there was.

Enter in the Electric Shaver Guide, a fantastic site that not only reviews all forms of electric razors (as the name suggests), but also offers advice on which razor is best for you depending on whether or not you have a light, medium or heavy beard. Due to the fact that I had a 12 o’clock shadow each morning I was considered to have heavy growth, and so a top of the range shaver was required.

As the title of this post gives away, I went for the Braun 7 Series Electric Shaver with cleaning station.

Now to some extent a shaver is a shaver is a shaver however there are a few features of this one which have really been of use to me.

Firstly it has three different modes, from sensitive all the way up to ‘high speed’. This is perfect as it allows me to dial things down when shaving the lower part of my neck, where I am more sensitive, and then turn up the speed when shaving my cheeks which are a little tougher.

Secondly its quick. Even on the sensitive mode I can do a shave in around 3 min, and because the shaver cleans itself, there is no wash-up afterwards.

Thirdly, it cleans itself. Ok I have to put it in its little pod, and press a button but apart from that it does really clean itself. A feature that the majority of people will think is a gimmick, but would actually be wrong in thinking so. One of the most common causes of in growing hair and spots on the face is due to the shaver not being cleaned properly in between uses. With the cleaning station, the shaver is charged, and cleaned with no hassle what so ever, and is ready smelling fresh.

Now, yes, there is an added cost to having a self cleaning razor, in that you should buy cartridges each month or so with special liquid in used to clean it. These arent expensive, with a pack of three costing £12.40 from Amazon, equating to around £4.10 each month – not exactly bank breaking, but if you use one each month that is still almost £50.

There is a better way, and that is to make your own!

I followed this guide online, and watched the video below and made mine, it takes moments, and probably have a year and a half worth of supply for £10.

Ive not yet used my liquid yet, however after mixing it, there is no different between what it smells like, and what the original liquid looks like.

So all in all, ive been using this shaver now for just over a month since starting my new job, and as with everything it does take some getting used to. After shave balm needs to be used to keep things soft, and results do improve over time as your technique improves but I am happy with my investment.

I say the word investment, because even with a discount from Amazon of £60 it is a serious piece of kit, one that I will hopefully last me for many years, but even after using it every week day for a month, spending 3 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror each morning, it is not quite a bit of a chore as it used to be.

The price tag for a shaver is quite high, but if it lasts 7 years then it will be money well spent!

The price tag for a shaver is quite high, but if it lasts 7 years then it will be money well spent!