AudioBook Converter For Mac

The book has never been more popular that it currently is in the 21st Century. This is perhaps thanks to the eBook and incredible uptake of the Kindle and iPad allowing the reader to carry thousands of books on one device with ease.

There are of course times where you want to read a book, but don’t want to read a book.

What do I mean? Well if you think about it, as a child the chances are you were able to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but that didn’t stop you from wanting it to be read to you in bed, all nice and warm at the end of a stressful day.

Other situations arise other than being in bed where you would like to have literacy works read to you. The commute to work, the gym session and even walking round the supermarket, all times where music is an option, but reading a book is not.

AudioBooks on the other hand solve this problem, as for a price (sometimes the same as the paperback or e-book version) you can download an audio file that can be placed on your audio player of choice and have it read to you – sometimes by the author themselves!

I love AudioBooks, but unlike their music counterparts, 9 times out of 10 still are protected by DRM.

Without going into the legality of DRM, and whether or not it is legal to remove DRM from your purchases (please check your local laws for qualified advice) there are problems with an audiobook being wrapped in DRM.

The first and perhaps biggest is that you may not be able to play your book on your device. Audiobooks come in many formats, and very rarely come in a standard format such as MP3, meaning that you may be able to play your audiobook on your computer, but not on your gym iPod.

Another problem is that if the company which you buy DRM media from no longer trades, you may not be able to authorise new devices to playback your purchase. This was a problem which I encountered when one company merged with another creating me two accounts one from each service but my music player could only be authorised to play one accounts worth of media at a time. In other words I had to make note of which purchase came from which account, then ensure that only one accounts worth of purchases were stored on my player.

As far as im concerned, removing DRM for purposes such as playing your media on your devices is perfectly fine – removing it to share illegally is not.

With that said I downloaded and installed a highly recommended piece of software to solve this DRM problem, called AudioBook Converter For Mac, by OndeSoft.

Installation is as simple as any other Mac app taking only a matter of seconds, and within a few moments you have converted your DRM audiobook into AAC or even MP3 format.

Using the software is even easier than installation, it literally is a case of locating the book you want to convert, the format you want to convert it to, select the destination for the newly created DRM free version, and start the process.

I wish this review could be more in-depth than this, but id just be padding it out with unnecessary words – it’s an app that just works and works exceptionally well.

DRM was all hype when digital media came out, with copyrighters wanting to protect their rights to such an extent that it prevented you, the consumer from actually enjoying your purchase.

Many companies out there have learnt their lesson in that DRM whilst a useful tool actually annoys genuine customers and so limited the restrictions it has on it, others have not.

If you have the same problems as I did enjoying the media which you legally purchased, I have no hesitation in recommending AudioBook Converter For Mac.

DRM can really prevent you from using media that you have legally purchased. Using AudioBook Converter For Mac can make things a little bit less stressful

DRM can really prevent you from using media that you have legally purchased. Using AudioBook Converter For Mac can make things a little bit less stressful