Tis The Season To Get Baking

Its the festive season, and although I don’t celebrate Christmas (as its not my Chag), that doesn’t stop everyone in the Isaacs household from being cheerful and partaking in making things which are very bad for our health.

Although we have not done it for some time now, in fact from 2010 (click here to see the pics), we are once again going to join the Yechezkel family in a holiday home, somewhere windy, near water. Last time it was in Keswick, this year we are going to Whitby.

As I don’t get to bake in Manchester, as I neither have the time, not the equipment, I decided to bake a ‘Man Cake’ and decorate some mini-christmas puddings. The results of which are below:

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I didn’t make the mini-puddings, and so I don’t have the recipe, if you like the sound of them, head over to my mothers website and ask her for it.

As for my cake (yes I know the decoration on the side could be improved upon!), the recipe from Nigella can be found here.

When in Whitby, the mobile phone reception might be a little bit unpredictable, and as there is no wifi (unless I can sweet-talk a shop owner to give us his wifi code like last time),  this means that pictures and posts might not happen at all until I return.

Therefore, all it leaves me to say is that if you are celebrating Christmas, hope you have a fantastic one, and remember unlike my ‘heart attack man cake’ where you will only be alive to eat one slice, for the rest of the Christmas food, a moment on the hips, a lifetime on the hips!