Whitby 2013

Its been a long time since we have had a winter holiday, so this year we decided we would do what we did a couple of years ago, and pack our bags and go to a holiday home with our ‘family friends’, the Yechezkel’s.

In a pervious year we have gone to Keswick, this year we were going to go to Whitby from the 23rd December, and return on the 27th. This period of course covers Christmas and Davids birthday, and so we would celebrate those whilst away.

Because we were all away from the city, and in beautiful countryside, we went for long walks. In total we walked 20.08 miles (32.32 km) and I burnt a total of 5,020 calories. I know these figures because I took with my Polar watch which logged not only where we went, but my heart rate, and foot strides for each walk. To view the data for the walks, simply click on the date below:

So we did walk quite a bit didn’t we!

Of course when both of our families go out on walks, its not just a simple walk. We hiked up massive hills (which both our mothers managed to partake in – very proud indeed), jumped across mini rivers (which both our mothers managed to partake in – once again very proud of), and even found a starfish (which both mothers could just about look at without going squeamish).

Naturally I took some pictures and video, both of which are below, however since I had a new iPhone, and everyone was in awe of the camera, I decided to see what the results were like and therefore used my iPhone 5s camera for virtually every shot. There are a few images from my DSLR thrown in, but on the computer monitor at least, I can’t tell a difference in the quality.

I am so impressed with the iPhone camera that I will no doubt write a blog post at a later date, however I’m not going to go into details here.

Instead, all I am going to say is that it was great to get away from the city and do something different, get some exercise and spend time with family and loved ones over the festive season.