My Off-Roading Experience

Over the past few years, I have experienced many things courtesy of my parents generosity at Chanukah. I have been in an Aston Martin, I have been Clay Pigeon Shooting, and I have also attended The Top Gear Live Show. All of which gave a shot of adrenaline through a combustable medium.

This years adventure was of a similar theme, however rather than shooting something out of the barrel of a gun at 896 meters per second, or go from 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds, this year we were going to be travelling at something more leisurely, something more pedestrian, something in the region of 4mph.

The title of this post may have given away the activity which we did, however I can assure you that travelling at this relaxed pace, in an off road vehicle was every bit as exciting as driving a super car!

I can understand how you may think this is not the case, so I will try and explain the situation. A car, which had been built by man, and weighing over 2 tonne, climbed up a hill of such an incline, and of such a slippery surface, that man himself could not have climbed it unaided!

It simply boggles belief!

So the experience day itself, location wise it was perfect, less than 45 minutes away from my Leeds address, and my brother, father and I all spent around 30/45 minutes each behind the wheel of a Land Rover Defender.

The car itself was not built for luxury, it was built as an off road vehicle, and as such the interior was basic, however there was so much torque that the majority of the time the car was in gear, are feet were neither on the accelerator, nor the clutch, something which takes some getting used to.

We each got to drive a lap of 3 different courses ranging in difficulty and presenting different challenges from tilts and turns, to climbs and drops, we experienced it all.

As off-roading was something which we had never done before, it was mentally taxing as we in effect learned a whole new way of driving. So much so that we welcomed the break we received when someone else drove their lap, with the added bonus of this allowing us to experience the ride from a passengers perspective. This was arguably more thrilling as we weren’t in control of the car, or have a wheel to hold on to.

There was only one negative, and that was the lack of heating within the car, apparently this is a common thing with all Land Rovers. We went on a day where there was lots of rain and wind, which is everyones dream when you off road (you don’t want dry land, whats the fun in that?), but we didn’t know that we would nearly freeze to death. If you go off-roading in Defender, in the winter, be sure to wrap up warm, very warm indeed.

All in all, I advise you to watch the video below as this shows some of the fantastic things that we did in such an incredible machine. It will show you what no amount of words can describe.

We may have been going perhaps a tenth of the speed of the super car experience, however the adrenaline rush was almost identical.