Things Have Changed: An Update, The Job Hunt Revisited 1

Quite a few people have been asking where I have disappeared to over the past few months, in that I have not been tweeting, my blog posts have dwindled, and generally my online presence has crawled to something which is nonexistent.

I can say that this has been for good reason, and that hopefully, over the next few weeks and months, things are going to change.

The main reason for my ‘online silence’ is that in early February I left my job as a recruitment consultant. The hows and whys are things which I will not be publishing in an open form for two reasons. Firstly because its unprofessional, and secondly I have learnt from that experience and put it behind me.

This did mean that the job hunt was on (again), and in similar style to my original job hunt in the summer of last year made countless applications, and attended tens of interviews (47 to be exact) before being made an offer of a job which I started last week.

Unlike my old role I am not working as a recruitment consultant, instead working for a global recruitment company as a contract/project manager, ultimately I’m using my legal knowledge, and brief experience in the recruitment sector to manage the contract process between the company I work for and their clients.

A week in, and its a pretty cool role.

However this wasn’t a role which I applied for, they found me on LinkedIn and presumably targeted me because my profile was up to date, relevant, and contained a good number of recommendations. Perhaps outlining the importance of this social media tool for all job hunters out there.

Being on the job hunt isn’t glamorous, and one of the problems with being asked to so many interviews, and attending them is that not only do you get ‘interview burn out’ whereby you simply get fed up of answering the same question over and over again, but it’s that you get tempted by roles which you really do want, but for which the process unfortunately doesn’t continue.

This must have happened to me at least three or four times during this job hunt, and it hurts.

You start to blame yourself for not answering the questions in the way that they wanted, rather than the way you believe to be true to you. You start to question your skill set and whether you are indeed right for any job let alone the ones you have been interviewing at. And you start to question whether you will ever find something at all, let alone something which you want to do.

The number of interviews turn from single figures to double figures, and the feedback becomes less and less helpful until finally one of them pays off. The one that you thought would go well actually does, and you get offered the position, it all falls into place, and you realise it was all part of life’s plan.

Yes, I’ve only been in my new position for a week, and I’m very much in the honeymoon period still, however things are looking good. I’ve joined a professional organisation, with a very friendly team and I will be working on some really cool projects.

Fingers crossed.

Things really do work themselves out in the end.

Things really do work themselves out in the end.