Manchester Day Parade 2014 1

I’ve been going to yoga classes as part of my gym membership now for around two or three weeks. During the ‘social’ part at the beginning of todays class, one of my fellow members mentioned the Manchester Day Parade, and asked if I was going.

To be honest, I had never heard of it, so after the class was complete, I jumped on my mobile phone to see what it was all about, and where it was happening.

As luck would have it, it was going to take place down Deansgate, one of Manchester’s major roads. There was plenty of time for me to go home, get rid of my gym bag, pick up my DSLR and a bottle of water, and get the bus back.

The organising website gives quite a bit of information about the history of the parade itself, however the long and short of it is that it celebrates everything that is great about the city.

Each year there is a theme, with this years theme being Going Global. Quite a cool idea considering that there are 36 other Manchester’s across the globe.

Below are some of my pictures and video of some of the 2000 participants.