Israel 2014

Its been over two years since I last had a holiday, and over 8 since I had been to Israel, so coupled with the fact that this year had been a tad stressful (what with starting working, and then moving jobs shortly thereafter) and me having a bit of holiday allowance accruing, I would join my family for a week in the sun.

Mum, Dad and Rachel were in the fortunate position to stay for two weeks, however as David and I had work and placements to be doing, our break was a little shorter, but by no means less enjoyable.

Flights both outbound and inbound were taken care of by EasyJet, and although there was a delay on the outbound flight of a couple of hours, this didn’t dampen our spirits.

Whilst some of our family went to Israel for the weather, David and I went for one other thing, the food. To be able to have such high quality meat that is kosher on our doorstep is just fantastic, and so we both enjoyed being carnivorous.

The majority of the holiday was a relaxing one, and so we spent time on the beach and going to markets etc etc, and so there wasn’t a huge amount of time to take pictures, however I did get a hundred or so of where we were staying, the fantastic things on offer at the Carmel Market, and of course food that was eaten.

There was however, one experience which was absolutely fantastic, and unlike something I had ever done before, and that was a tour round a blind museum, entitled Dialogue In The Dark. This was something David had done a couple of years ago, and insisted we tried it, and I am glad he did. The tour was round several rooms in pitch black guided by a blind/partially sighted person. We had to feel round things, in settings such as kitchens, streets and boats. It was amazing to experience life from someone else’s perspective, and I totally take my hat off to them.

All in all, it was exactly what I wanted, a nice break, good food, sun, and of course time with my family, I hope you enjoy the photos and short video below.