My Helicopter Experience 4

It has been some time since I last wrote a post and quite a bit has happened. New technology has been released including the new iPad, Scotland voted no in the referendum and stayed part of the UK, and I purchased a flat, with contracts hopefully being exchanged before Christmas and me moving in within the first couple of months within 2015.

More on that will probably be written about during the christmas holidays when I have more time, however this post is about something slightly different.

Ive driven a super car, I’ve driven off road, I’ve been clay pigeon shooting, and I’ve been to various different shows. This there isn’t much I haven’t experienced, and due to the fact that I’ve been in a job since the age of 16 and I had my own money makes it a difficult challenge for my parents when it comes to my birthday.

This year however they came up with a brilliant idea, and that was to send me up in the air in a helicopter. It wasn’t just a ride in a helicopter, oh no, I got to fly it!

For 30 minutes, I was going to be in charge of a Robinson R44 helicopter, supervised of course by a fully trained pilot.

The experience itself was via a company called HeliAir, but the voucher itself was purchased by Amazon. On my birthday in October, and at time of booking I was told that the two seat aircraft would be available a few weeks later in November, the perfect time as my parents were coming up. However a few days before was informed that its bigger brother which had four seats in was at the airfield and that two people could join me.

Naturally dad jumped at the chance to come with, however mum decided that as dad could now take video from the air, her pictures would look better taken from the ground, which I agree, they do.

Manchester City Airport is less than 30 minutes away from my flat in Manchester, meaning that its a perfect location, and also means that when I was up in the air I got to see some of the sights which I know.

Although the pilot himself did lots of the hard work, such as controlling the foot pedals and the leaver thing which makes the helicopter go up and down (I forget its name), I was in charge of the left right, forward and backward motion for the majority of the trip. Given that its was my first time, I thought it probably best to leave the take off and landing to our pilot who had 15 years experience.

As this activity was weather dependent, we were watching the weather forecast with eager eyes from Wednesday onwards, however when I woke up this morning I couldn’t have asked for a better day. There was little to no wind, and a good amount of sun with just a smattering of cloud.

Once we were up in the air it was quite something.

For those who have been on a plane you will know that the most exciting bit is either takeoff or landing, where you can see the cars which look like ants, buildings which look like lego buildings, and people who just look like specs of dust. Well being in a helicopter is like that 5 minute thrill but for a much longer duration.

In terms of controlling the helicopter it takes a lot more concentration that you first thought, and the controls are a lot more sensitive, however its much like learning to drive a car or ride a bike, once you have begun to relax it just happens.

It was amazing that dad could join me in the helicopter, especially as he is such a fan of flying and never been in one before, and mum managed to get some fantastic photos as well meaning that just like the other experiences I have had, they will stay with me for a long time.

Overall the 30 minutes flight was just about right, as the amount of concentration for a first time flyer makes it quite tiring. However, for those who love trying new things, and love flying, I certainly enjoyed myself.