A Review Of 2014

Now that the fireworks have been lit, the food has been eaten, and returning to the daily routine of work is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to review 2014 in brief.

Below is a summary of how my blog has been performing, and as I would have expected, the number of entries is down a bit from the year before.

I am not too concerned about this as I believe that in my case, there is an inverse correlation between quantity and quality.

The fact that my online profile, both in blog form and twitter form as decreased is down to the fact that 2014 has been a very, very busy year, meaning the time I have to write post, or catch up on twitter is significantly less than it was back in my student days.

2014 was the year where I changed jobs after a very short spell in recruitment, and I moved to work for a global recruitment company, in a management position rather than a recruitment based one. In short, my role involves using my legal training, and brief experience in recruitment to manage the process of the contracts between my employer and their clients.

Things are currently going well there and I am enjoying my work a lot more than I could have ever dreamed of whilst doing recruitment, and I see myself being with my current employer for a decent period of time, learning from my colleagues and being the best I can.

The growing up in 2014 also continued with me putting an offer down on a flat, and having it accepted. I have not blogged about this yet as we are still waiting to exchange contracts and complete, however I hope that the former will be done within the next week or so, and the latter by the end of January.

Once I have moved in I will write a post about the flat and include photos, as well as write reviews on products/services which I used to keep track of things and make the process a bit more simple.

Other key events of 2014 were; me flying a helicopter, taking part in the Great Manchester Swim and driving off-road.

Looking forward, its hard to say with certainly what 2015 will bring. I know that it will involve a bit of stress. Firstly with work as I take on more responsibility within my team and manage more complex pieces of work, but also on a personal level as I take the big leap into becoming a homeowner and becoming a proper grown up.

Not a bad set of stats considering I've reduced the number of posts.

Not a bad set of stats considering I’ve reduced the number of posts.

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