Apple Watch – First Look

Its been a long time coming, however since my last technical post, Apple have made the Apple Watch available to pre-order, and the pricing has been made public, and unsurprisingly, I was one of the first in the virtual cue to order.

Naturally, the Edition was out of my price range, and so the decision was between the Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Sport. Due to my wrist being quite wide, I opted for the 42mm size, and even tho I think the Apple Watch looks more professional than the Sport (due to its polished finish), one must be reminded that this is a first generation product, and so will be improved upon. When you consider that the insides and features are identical there is no real reason to spend an additional £180 to get a different polish of metal case. I would rather spend this money on a different strap.

The pre-ordering was perhaps one of the most stress free pre-orders of an Apple product I can remember. We had been told that the best way to order was via the Apple Store App, and this is what I did, and I managed to secure two of the Sport, the space grey, and silver with white sport band.

The white one will hopefully arrive on or shortly after the release day of the 24th of April, with the space grey one showing a delivery date of around 12th May.

I have absolutely no idea how this happened, as I ordered the space grey one first. Clearly this was more limited in supply than any other, however I suspect that as Apple get an idea for which lines are more popular, they will amend their production appropriately.

Unlike any product Apple have released before, you could actually test it out before the release day. The idea behind this was that you could try on different watches, before placing your pre-order. In theory that is a great idea, however considering that shipping dates have already slipped back to June, (and that’s before any store opened), means that if you had waited to try it on before ordering, you would have had to wait a good few months before the one you wanted would be delivered.

Today, I tried them on, and I must say, that I have made my decision, in that I want to keep the space grey one, and so will use the refund policy in order to reduce the time I am without an Apple Watch as much as possible.

Technically, you have 14 days to initiate a refund from delivery date, and then the currier company will contact you to arrange for a convenient pick up time. Conveniently, the 14 days is from receipt until initiating a return, and not from initiation, to Apple receiving the item. When I speak to the currier I will see what the last pickup time is available and choose that.

The watch itself is a lot smaller than you think by looking at the pictures, and the profile above the wrist is not as big as has been published. As already own a big watch, the Apple Watch actually is less thick than the current one! The haptic feedback felt really weird (in a good way). The only way I can describe it is like a twitch that you get in your eye, on your arm.

Unlike every reviewers comments, the watches which I played with were not sluggish at all. Yes there was a delay when you opened an app up, but did it bother me, no. Was it long enough that I became impatient, no. Did I need another watch to time how long it took for it to open, no. That being said, I believe that Apple have acknowledged this delay (maybe its only for a couple of units?), and it will be rectified in future software updates.

Apple Watch Chat

All straps will work on all three designs.

One area which was open for debate were the straps. Funnily enough, I agree with what other people have been saying, in that the leather ones felt cheap, and the rubber ones actually felt quite good.

After I ordered on Friday, (and maybe before hand,) I did enquire as to whether the watch straps could be used amongst different collections, IE could the metal ones which can be ordered with the Watch, be used on the Sport. Online they said, yes they could, however as the metal is different, they may not look quite right.

When I was in store today, they said this was wrong, and that they had been designed as exclusive collections. This seemed wrong, after all you can buy them individually, however assumed that the store knew best, and that maybe I was given information which verified before launch.

My inquisitive mind got the better of me, and I spoke to an Apple representative when I returned through the online chat, and my initial answer was correct.

Therefore, the plan is to keep the watch and strap, at least until some of the third parties come out with some metal link straps which don’t cost more than the watch itself!

To sum up, I think the idea of the Apple Watch is brilliant. I’m not too sure how many people will buy the Edition, as unlike a normal watch, its hard to ‘leave behind’ as the hardware will be obsolete in a few years time unlike any horological device.

Am I excited to receive mine, yes, am I intrigued to see what the second generation will be like, you bet, however will it change my life, we will have to wait and see…


Apple Watch Sport_My Wrist

It looks good on my wrist, can’t wait for it to arrive!