Hays Charity Football Match At The Etihad Stadium

Considering I can see the Manchester City football stadium from my flat window, I have never been there.

This could be because I am not a football enthusiast, nor am I a follower of the majority of sports.

What I am however is a lover of photography, and enjoy dedicating my time towards good causes. Therefore when the company which I work for announced that they would be holding a charity football match at the Etihad stadium I was quick to raise my hand and put myself forward to take pictures of this event.

The title of this post may have given you ideas as to the company which I work for, and the astute of you will know that the company which powers the world of work just so happens to be the official recruitment partner of Manchester City. Every couple of years Hays partner with a charity, with The Brain Tumour Charity being the one that we have been raising money for.

Two Hays teams battled it out on one of the training pitches of this iconic stadium, a team from the North West, and a team from Yorkshire. The match itself was a game of two halves with the red roses pulling ahead in the first half. After half time team Yorkshire clearly upped the fight, however it wasn’t enough, with the North West walking away as the winners of this inaugural charity match.

Below are the photos from this event. If you wish to donate to this event, you can do so by clicking here. If you would like to enquire about obtaining rights, or copies of  any of these images please click here.