A Socially Distant Walk Round Dove Stone

Friday, 5th June 2020

I had a day off today, some would say a well deserved day off at that. It had been a busy week at work (isn’t it always), but given I had quite a bit of holiday which I needed to take thought I would book a day off and go walk round Dove Stone. It would be my first proper walk outside of my local vicinity since the start of the COVID19 crisis.

Quite exciting stuff really!

Dove Stone is a reservoir about 30 minute drive from me, and was in the news two days ago after 13,000 people tried to visit over the weekend just gone (Manchester Evening News).

For those who have not been before, the car park has space for around 50 cars, the paths round the reservoir itself aren’t particularly wide and so don’t lend itself brilliantly to social distancing.

That is why I decided to go today, a working day, and a day which had questionable weather. I suspected that the majority of people would either be at work, or keep away due to the rain.

It was a smart choice, even if I say so myself.

As I passed workmen touching up the double yellow lines, I noticed that the car park was two thirds full. Put my waterproofs on, and set off.

The 7.88km walk took me just under 1 hour 50 min, and that included stopping to take some pictures, and FaceTime my parents.

I’ve included a couple of the pictures below, taken straight from my iPhone 11 Pro, unedited.

Im really pleased that I have such an area of natural beauty so close to my home in Manchester, however if im going to visit on a day where the weather is warmer, I’ll be up with the birds to make sure im not fighting for a space. Thats for sure.


  1. Kim

    You walk looks marvelous. I wish I was there.

    • Jonathan

      Oh it was an amazing walk Kim, you wouldn’t think its only outside of the middle of Manchester.

  2. The Mum

    It looks gorgeous

  3. Steven Isaacs

    Would be fantastic at 6.00am on a day when the forecast is hot.
    Get there before and leave before the crowds

    • Jonathan

      Very good idea!


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