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Monday, 25th May 2020
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Well isn’t this the greatest start to a blog, a fresh sheet of digital paper just waiting to have combinations of 26 letters of the English alphabet placed upon it in various different sequences. Id like to think that most blog posts I write will have a specific theme or purpose to them, however this one is going to be a bit ‘random’, that is to say that im not going to try and edit the contents too much, but just write and see where the flow takes me.

This first entry is probably going to act as a bit about me, what I do, how I got to where I am, and a whole lot of other bits of information which you probably wish you never knew (or don’t know me that well so have to real use to). So let’s start from the beginning.

I was born in Leeds in October 1989, the eldest of three to my parents Steven and Sarah. Siblings are David and Rachel, with a a rough three year gap between each of us (impeccable family planning right there)

Brodetsky Primary School was just around the corner from our house and so attended there until it was time to become a ‘big boy’, after which I went to Ashville College in Harrogate from year 7 all the way up to study my GCSE’s and A-Levels – which come to think about it seems like a lifetime ago now. Education continued with me attending University of Salford to do my BSc in Business Management with Law, before going to Manchester Metropolitan University to undertake first the Graduate Diploma in Law, and then Bar Professional Training Course. Again, both seem like a life time ago.

I currently work for a company based in Leeds called BigChange as their Product Director (which now means I have to make the obvious statement that “all thoughts and opinions placed on this website are that of my own, and in no way should any implication be made that they reflect the view of my employer”), and have been there for a good few years. I get to work with a great team of people, and we produce some really really cool things – some of which I may even blog about!

Outside of work, I’m a bit of a geek and I love my Apple tech, doing graphic design, going to the gym, and recently taken up reading – all of which may as well become subjects of blogs at a later date.

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  1. The Mum

    There was no family planning . . . .


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