Mutify For Mac – Software Review

Friday, 29th May 2020

With things being as they are, almost all of us are working from home and partaking in online meetings hosted by one platform or another. The most common being Zoom (or its white labeled varients), Teams or Google Meetings. Each of these have one major issue, if your headset doesnt have a physical mute switch (such as AirPods), the button to mute yourself is different in every location, or the window to mute it might not be on your screen. During one such meeting today, I wanted to find a solution.

Step forward the very simple, and inexpensive app, Mutify

For just over £4.00 you can assign a keyboard shortcut which mutes and unmutes your microphone at system level, so it works with any application you use.

An application also sits in the menubar (and/or touchbar if you have a touchbar on your MacBook Pro) which you can use as well as the keyboard shortcut.

Thats it, it does one job, and it does it exceptionally well. After using it once I had bought it in 30 seconds.

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  1. Steven Isaacs

    Very informative


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