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The End Of An Era, The End Of The BPTC, And The End Of Full Time Education

Yesterday was one of those days where not only did I finish a chapter of my life, but also finish the first volume. Yesterday marked the end of the Bar Professional Training course, or BPTC that I had been taking at MMU over the past year, which in effect was the conclusion of my 5th and final year in full time, university education.

The Bar Standards Board Sets Paper That Contained Questions Which Featured On Mock Taken By One BPTC Provider 15

The Bar Standards Board, the regulatory body who sets three of the exams required to be taken by students wanting to become barristers, set a paper whereby some of the questions and answers had been made available to some students before hand.

Off To Dine At The Inn

For those of you who do not know, this year I am undertaking the Bar Professional Training Course (or BPTC for short), in order to complete the first few steps in becoming a fully qualified barrister.

In order to become a barrister a student must join one of the four Inns of Court, and complete at least 12 qualifying sessions – this weekend I aim to complete three more.