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Top Gear Live 2010 1

I wouldn’t class myself as a car fan, the fact that I have only owned one car in my life time is proof to that fact. My only claim to car fame is the three penalty points I received for speeding two years ago. Now this is where I go off on a rant for a bit. The minute people say speeding, their mind is automatically cast to cops with cameras, or police interceptors and they see people traveling 120mph outside a school. Now i am a believer that people who do speed outside schools should feel the full force of the law, however I was not. I was doing 46 in a 40, on a main road, at 11 o’clock at night. The police car was sat in the dark, in a back street waiting. I have a huge amount of respect for the police, however I challenge anyone to try and defend that this isn’t a money making scam. Returning to Top Gear, for those of you who are unaware of what this is, it is a British car program, however its entertainment and comedic value is very high. The worlds most powerful cars on the world are test driven, cars that most of us wouldn’t be able to afford the insurance on, let alone the car itself. I do however know what I want, and when I have made my money (either through a lotto win or) through incredible hard work, I know what cars I want to be in my garage. I am a huge Aston Martin fan, in my opinions Ferrari’s are all to common. Virtually every millionaire or rap artist owns one, that is not say that I don’t want one, I’m just saying that the first two cars I own will be Aston’s; they are beautiful yet classic, and you can see why some cost over £100,000 The show was amazing, it was hosted at the NEC in Birmingham and took the form of two parts. The exhibition, where car manufacturers and gadgeteers showcased products, and the Top Gear Live performance. It involved pyrotechnics, millions of pounds worth of cars and over 280,000 watts of sound equipment. Several stunts were performed which were breathtaking. As some of you know, I attended Gadget Show live in April, where I met the very gadget which I am writing this very post on. That was an amazing experience, however I do feel that out of both shows the live show of Top Gear Live was more action packed. We did have gold seats meaning that we were so close we could taste the tyre smoke. If I had the choice to go to one of them again, it would be Top Gear, without a doubt. Every show would not be complete without selling the obligatory c**p that will change your life. Gadget Show I managed to resist, however I did cave. I didn’t buy some driving gloves, no I didn’t buy an ice scraper, I didn’t even buy a set of tiers, oh no, I bought 20 paint balling tickets. Before you ask they were very well priced and I got a very good deal. So I am hoping to use these over the next year.