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Twitter Adds ‘Report Abuse’ Feature – How Does It Stand Up Against Freedom Of Speech? 2

Over the past few days thousands of twitter users have campaigned for it, and twitter eventually bowed to the public pressure. The question is, how does this stack up with freedom of speech?

The Internet Today, And 10 Years Ago Today

10 Years ago we didn’t depend on it as much, whereas today we cant live without it. Every second of every day we are connected to the Internet, and use it to complete tasks that 10 years ago wouldn’t have been possible to complete on the go, or from the comfort of our own chairs.

Back With Flickr Again…

I don’t know of any other service on the Internet that provides 1TB of free data storage. Flickr since did away with the upload limit, and offered all of its accounts 1TB of data for free, up until now Flickr and I have always been heading in the opposite directions, however now, we are both singing from the same song sheet and heading to our destination together.