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Iron Man 1

Im going to start of by stating that I strongly believe that this is a ‘guys film’ (im sorry if that upsets the females reading this). The reason being it has everything we would want in it; fast cars, gadgets and the occasional good looking female. I even think that the story line focused around weapons being developed by a billionaire and ending up into terrorist hands, is aimed at entertaining my ‘brothers’ rather than ‘sisters’. This is not to say that girls wont enjoy it, its just a word of warning, that they might focus their attention on the dress Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing, and therefore waste the price of a ticket. A ticket that you could have spent taking another one of the lads with you. I enjoyed every moment of this film, even though I had not read the comics/see the cartoon that this movie was created from and this did not deter me from laughing at the occasional jokes. I enjoyed the storyline, action sequences and sound track. This film has everything going for it, action, big names, (limited) comedy, great sound track, and a good pace, a film that will certainly be purchased on DVD. Defiantly one worth watching, and a film that certainly deserves the five stars that I award it!