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Wow Wow Wow, where do I start? It has the names (Samuel L Jackson & Hayden Christensen), it has the story (a teenager having the super power to teleport from one place to the other), as well as the action sequences to keep you gripped to your seats. One moment your in NYC, the next in Egypt on the top of a pyramid. The film is well paced, and perfectly timed. CGI is lined into the film seamlessly creating a film (that even though is without a single joke) is well worth seeing. Ok its not gonna be a blockbuster, (the only thing that prevents if from getting 5 stars) however I will defiantly be dreaming about having Christensen’s power tonight, something that I am both looking forward to, and wish to bottle. My verdict, a film that is well worth the cinema entrance fee, due to the fact that afterwards you will have the best dream ever, that you will be able to do anything you ever wanted, what could be better than that?