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Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

Normally my film reviews are balanced, or at least give an in-depth reason as to why I either like or dislike a film; in this case its going to be brief, mainly because after 30 minutes I had resided to tweeting on my phone. Well that was until 25 minutes prior to the end when my iPhone battery had died. What was wrong with it? Well firstly Robert Downey Jr, cards on the table, im not his biggest fan, in-fact I wouldn’t even say I was a member of his fan club. He was good in Iron Man but that was about it. His monotone voice coupled with a botox-esk acting face was in my opinion something that was an insult to the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Whilst Robert was good in Iron Man playing a wealthy American inventor, I don’t think his acting skills are best suited to that of playing an eccentric British detective. The acting wasn’t all terrible, Jude Law gave a very convincing portrayal of Dr. John Watson who is embarrassed at the actions of Holmes; I have yet to work out if this was genuine acting by Law, or whether he was genuinely embarrassed by Roberts performance. There was also a smattering of an appearance from Stephen Fry, however sadly he was only on screen for a few moments at a time, and so wasn’t able to distract me from the on screen personnel. The story also contained a certain level of action sequences, come to think of it the first 15 minutes or so gave way to fighting and chase sequences, with most stunts carried out I believe by the actors themselves. This would have been good if you could actually have seen what was happening. The camera movement was such that if you shook your head side to side quick enough and gave yourself a headache whilst looking at a wall – this is the effect that you were given. Was there anything which I like about it? Well to my surprise there was. As I was tweeting away on my phone, the soundtrack kept me entertained (even though it was ruined by Robert’s attempt of a British accent). Hanz Zimmer who has composed music for films such as The Da Vinci Code, The Rock, Pearl Harbour and Gladiator has done it again. His work is simply breathtaking on its own, and even though the film was not the strongest, the soundtrack was first class. So to sum it up. Yes I did only watch the first 30 minutes, and the last 25 minutes however from a 128 minute film, the 43% of what I did watch wasn’t my cup of tea at all. The lead actor was awful. The action was unfocusable thanks to camera movements that resembled an first person shooter PS3 game, and the humour was scarce and unfunny. Would I watch it again, no, would I download the soundtrack, maybe.

Iron Man 1

Im going to start of by stating that I strongly believe that this is a ‘guys film’ (im sorry if that upsets the females reading this). The reason being it has everything we would want in it; fast cars, gadgets and the occasional good looking female. I even think that the story line focused around weapons being developed by a billionaire and ending up into terrorist hands, is aimed at entertaining my ‘brothers’ rather than ‘sisters’. This is not to say that girls wont enjoy it, its just a word of warning, that they might focus their attention on the dress Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing, and therefore waste the price of a ticket. A ticket that you could have spent taking another one of the lads with you. I enjoyed every moment of this film, even though I had not read the comics/see the cartoon that this movie was created from and this did not deter me from laughing at the occasional jokes. I enjoyed the storyline, action sequences and sound track. This film has everything going for it, action, big names, (limited) comedy, great sound track, and a good pace, a film that will certainly be purchased on DVD. Defiantly one worth watching, and a film that certainly deserves the five stars that I award it!